... to the Community Coalition on High Speed Rail web site. CC-HSR was formed by citizens deeply concerned about the physical, financial, and policy impacts of the proposed High Speed Rail system authorized by the Prop 1A ballot measure in 2008. California voters approved a concept that promised improved transportation, and environmental benefits with sound financing that would not burden the state. To date, that promise appears to be completely out of reach ... with: (1) flawed routing that is deeply damaging to both established communities throughout the state and productive Central Valley farms; (2) completely inadequate financing which would draw badly needed funding from critical state programs like education and environmental protection; (3) unrealistic ridership projections that do not come close to supporting the project; (4) inflated promises of jobs, and (5) insensitive and incompetent management that has run roughshod over legitimate public concerns. The more we learn, the more it becomes very clear: the promise of Prop 1A of an affordable, self-sustaining HSR system seems to be completely out of reach.

There are a multitude of complex issues involved. CC-HSR is dedicated to preventing the extensive devastating impact that the HSR project would have on our communities and our State. To that end, we are deeply involved in litigation, contacts with elected officials, and working with concerned citizens throughout California. We invite your attention to information provided by this web site. We have studied, and continue to study, the issue very carefully, drawing upon the experience and knowledge of experts. Every Californian needs to know the facts about HSR because, as proposed, the project will have a very significant financial and physical impact on each of us - some very directly, others indirectly. And, HSR will clearly require a massive, long-term subsidy that California can ill afford in these difficult financial times when other vital state programs are being cut back.

This site can help you learn more about the issues involved, including current news, financial studies, and all- important active litigation. If, after reviewing the facts, you share our concerns about the HSR project, we invite you to join us in our efforts to educate the public, work with elected officials, and pursue necessary legal steps to protect the public.

We welcome your support and involvement.

CC-HSR Board of Directors